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About SYNC

We believe that big things don't have to be complicated. Impactful ideas can be easily implemented.

Sync exists because we love people and we value helping them in the process of discovery. It takes “syncing” the right people, process, priorities and resources. We help people with things like: Strategy design · Coaching · Facilitation (Meetings, offsites, priority planning sessions, etc.) · Performance Improvement · Program Design · Off-the-Shelf Content Delivery.
Creating customized programs by design however, is where our passion lies...creating a custom experience for you and your unique needs. Contact us today to discover how Sync can make a difference for you. In the process of working with individuals, teams and organizations, we operate with the assumption that we can help others: unlock their best selves, value the journey, honor their truth and discover their worth. And, we guarantee we’ll have some fun doing it!

Nice to meet you!

Sync is led by Kerri Meyer, CEO. Inspiring leaders has always been at the core of how Kerri functions. As a facilitator, coach, keynote speaker and business executive, she offers over 20 years’ experience in leadership development, program and project management, operations, global enablement, service and sales.

Kerri Meyer


“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

John Wooden
Whether you need a couple of hours of short term coaching for an immediate need, or a longer term engagement, we have coaches standing by to help you.

"Design is thinking made visible."

Saul Bass
Sometimes you need an extra pair of hands or expertise to design something from scratch. We are skilled in designing learning interventions and programs across all topics, including but not limited to:, Leadership, Communications, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, On-boarding and New Hire, Design Thinking, Vendor management and outsourcing, Facilitation, and Operations.
Whatever your need in Program Design, we have the skilled practitioners who are ready to assist. Our team’s expertise spans all functions of business and we have experience in creating programs from small to large scale. Let us put our extensive experience to work for you

“Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.”

Facilitation done right isn’t about boring presentations, but rather a process for getting groups of people together to solve any problem. Good facilitators know how to partner to establish an objective, create a format packed with interactive opportunities for discussion and process to lead groups of all sizes toward constructive solutions and outcomes. Great facilitators also make it fun, efficient and effective.
Using our proven facilitated processes and techniques, we will get your group to consensus faster, have priorities identified in less time, and get your team executing faster than ever before. We will work with you up front to identify measures of success and help prove our ROI.

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” -

Abraham Maslow
Sync’s consulting practice focuses on helping you solve problems and grow your business. Through use of proven techniques and practical advice, we’ll work on problems that, if addressed, could positively alter your business exponentially. Perhaps you need to improve performance or efficiency. Or maybe your company needs to make your models, tools and resources universally available while building a sustainable business model. We work with many who need to capture and organize intellectual capital in the form of knowledge management, process methodologies, tools and templates.
We bring the best practices and latest thinking to your company, giving you a framework and process for making effective decisions. Sync can help you identify your organization’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses; we have expertise and experience in solving strategy problems for small and large businesses across different industry sectors. Through our strategic consultation, we help management teams identify priorities and focus the team on the requirements for making that strategy a reality.


Sync Learning is comprised of industry professionals who have experience in leading Learning teams and running Operations for large and small corporations alike. The difference in our partnership with you is that we've been in your shoes...most likely we've actually held the position you're in, and we'd love to share our experience, expertise, tips, tricks, tools and templates with you. From front line and leadership positions in Sales to Support/Delivery, Operations and Learning, having 100% control to being an enabling function, our vast experience can help you take your business to the next level. Sync with us today!

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Soulutions

We are masters at ideation and brainstorming, and can help you and your teams through that process, as well as design sprints, prototyping and implementation. If you need to generate new, innovative ideas for a specific business challenge, we guarantee we can help.

Practical Approaches

Unlike most training programs, you’ll be working hands-on in our workshops. You’ll immediately be able to apply what you’re learning to real-life problems facing you in your current role.

Experiential = Effective

When you engage in one of our workshops, you immediately sense a difference. Part of that difference is that we wholeheartedly believe in experiential learning. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing." Our approach appreciates the experience you bring as a professional, and we build on that for maximum results.

Authentic Connection

We love people and we help facilitate them through the process of discovery. It is our greatest joy to help people unlock their best selves, value the journey they are on, honor their truth and discover their worth.

Strategic Design

We purposefully create custom learning experiences, programs by design, and facilitated outcomes. By ensuring alignment with your strategic outcomes, we can even measure ROI for programs we create for you.

Serious Play

We create solutions through creative experiences and serious play. Our unique approach to workshops is empowering for the participant, transformative in results, and authentic and fun.

What Do People Say?

"Kerri did a phenomenal job of delivering content that was engaging, relevant, and beneficial to my job and the business. I was pleasantly surprised by both the content, and the delivery of the material presented. Kerri made everyone feel at ease, and created an environment where real learning/growth could take place. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be involved."

What Do People Say?

“Extremely happy with the way Kerri talked and delivered the material. She was very friendly and made sure she opened the floor for all matters to be discussed in a SAFE environment.”

From a Business Leader Who Engaged Kerri for a Team in Crisis

What Do People Say?

“Super personal and engaging.”

What Do People Say?

"Engaging and easy to understand and great use of how to use in every day dealing with our customers."

What Do People Say?

"Relatability -Kerri was very engaging and kept the class grounded, yet interesting."

What Do People Say?

"Engaging, entertaining, personable, knowledgeable."

What Do People Say?

"Kerri was very open and respectful and did not shy away from giving us constructive criticism where needed."

What Do People Say?

"The facilitator closely observed the whole class, took care of each trainee individually during session and/or break time. Also talking speed and clear pronunciation were great."

From an APJ participant

What Do People Say?

"What’s great about Kerri is her honesty, availability and above all being approachable."

What Do People Say?

"Understanding of the business and ‘real life.’ Ability to keep things moving and interesting. Pulling together a great course - mixture of types of tasks, etc."

What Do People Say?

"Easy, smooth delivery style. Very engaging and soliciting of participation along the way."

What Do People Say?

"Sharing her experience and relating the concepts of the course."

What Do People Say?

"One of the best."

What Do People Say?

"Kerri is a gem and can move mountains with her people skills."

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